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Available on iPhone/iPad/iTouch with iOS 4.3 or later

DIRECTED NUMBER provides practice for working with directed numbers. You see two 3 by 3 grids: one containing an expression the other an answer. The object is to match each expression with its matching answer. There are four pair-match games:

  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Multiplication and Division
  • Mixed Questions
  • Substitution in Expressions

The APP uses superscript notation for the ‘directed part’ or ‘sign’ of the number to help understanding and to show that it is different from the operation of addition or subtraction.

With each game you can play three different game modes: practice, classic and blitz.

Top 5 high scores are saved for each game and mode.

Play the pair-match game to improve your understanding of directed numbers.

Ideal for use by anyone following a standard mathematics curriculum for pupils over 11 years old. Makes learning mathematics fun.