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Available on iPhone/iPad/iTouch with iOS 4.3 or later

AGE-ULATOR calculates a person's age based on the date of birth and a lot more.


Its very easy to use, just scroll to the person's date of birth and touch finished. The time of birth can also be entered.


Age is displayed in years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds. It also shows the day of birth.

Find out the birth flower, birthstone, birth number, star sign whether or not you were born on a leap year and how many leap years you have lived.

Ever wondered what your equivalent age is if you were a hamster, dog, cat, lion, albatross, elephant or tortoise? Well with this app you can find out.


Dates can be stored and easily retrieved. Sort them alphabetically, oldest to youngest, youngest to oldest or upcoming birthdays.



In 2014 Dawn French has a tour called '30 Million minutes'. With her date of birth on 11 October 1957 you can use Age-ulator to see that she will be 30,000,000 minutes old on 25 or 26 October depending on if her time of birth was before or after 3 pm.