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  • Games
    • Game of Flags (Games)

      A great selection of flags from around the world. Can you identify the country that matches the...

    • Game of Words (Games)

      1,500 anagrams to solve from different topics. Challenge yourself to complete them all.

    • Lights Out: Endless (Games)

       The classic Lights Out puzzle with an endless number of puzzles.

    • Memory Lights (Games)

       MEMORY LIGHTS is a fun memory-training activity where you follow the sequence of coloured lights

    • SpotLot (Games)

      Drag the Red, collect the Gold and avoid the Blue. That's all there is to it.

  • Utilities
    • Age-ulator (Utilities)

      AGE-ULATOR calculates a person's age based on the date of birth and a lot more.

    • Colour Converter (Utilities)

       Convert colours to multiple formats, save your favourites, view your recents or take from the...

    • Randomised (Utilities)

      RANDOMISED offers a variety of random functions such as a dice roller, number generator, list...